Photo of Alexandra Soufo
Alexandra Soufo
Conseillère en suivi et en évaluation
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Photo of Aurélie Jananji
Aurélie Jananji
Conseillère en développement des affaires
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Gabrielle Lizée-Prynne
Youth Leadership Team
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Photo of Julie Noirfalise
Julie Noirfalise
Coordonnatrice, Engagement des volontaires
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Photo of Leah Murphy
Leah Murphy
Youth Leadership Team

I'm a 2nd year university Student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I'm studying Global and International...

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Photo of Oumar THIAM
Hub Coordinator

Engagement et Innovation, pour un développement durable

Photo of Pascale Simard
Pascale Simard
Program Advisor
Photo of Rose Daphnée Versailles
Rose Daphnée Versailles
Conseillère en ressources humaines/ Human Resources Advisor

Never lose sight of your vision and values. Stay true to yourself

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Photo of Sophie Sarr
Sophie Sarr
Hub Training Coordinator
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